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A renúncia faz parte da vida.” #MartimSousaTavares #MST

“Todas as cartas merecem respostas, especialmente as boas.” António Vitorino

A filosofia do ócio: livro O Elogio ao Ócio é um texto de autoria do filósofo e matemático inglês Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) que dá título ainda a uma coletânea de outros ensaios do referido autor publicada originalmente em 1935. Para Russel, o trabalho não é ou não deveria ser o objetivo da vida de um indivíduo, trazendo o ideal de um mundo em que todos possam se dedicar a atividades agradáveis, usando o tempo livre, ocioso, não só para se divertir, mas para ampliar seus conhecimentos e a capacidade de reflexão.

Probono é extraordinário; Probono quer dizer: para o bem comum.
Pro bono is a Latin phrase that literally means “for the good.” It has been used in the legal profession for years to describe attorneys who proactively provide free or reduced-cost legal services outside of their paid professional work hours.
Eu posso decidir que não me paguem, mas essa é a minha decisão e não dos que me convidam para o projecto ou trabalho.
Eu posso vir a trabalhar ‘grátis’, sim. O que não me podem pedir é que eu venha a trabalhar grátis como condição aprioristicamente. Isso sim, é ofensivo.




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Why I cannot recommend most people to send their CV in Portugal

Because they get NO RESPONSE. Not even a ‘thanks, but no thanks’.  I naturally like to build bridges between people I know are good and companies or organisations that could use these people I come across. I have done this kind of organic networking for years and throughout Europe, America, Philippines and even Macau and Singapore. I have lived in some of the places as well, but mostly nowadays it is very much a virtual link.

The normal response people (my network) gets is 1) positive, eg, interview is reached 2) We will keep you in our files and sometimes – the bare minimum – 3) thank you but not today. Any of these responses are more than fine and I have done my bit.

What is not fine is when I stick my neck out for a company and a person whom I know and trust and the company acts in the most unprofessional way ever, by not even sending any kind of acknowledgement to the candidate. Come on HR people. This is just being polite, human decency. Respect for somebody else’s time and effort, for getting their hopes up and then punching them in the stomach.

It is simple and you can make it as personal and tailor made as you want. But essentially you, of all the people person jobs around the world, you, yes you HR, should know best about psychology, motivation, not kicking a man (or woman) down when they are already down. but moreover, this is the technology-people-voices-driven-ages. You will be found out. You will be damaging for the brand you work for. This will hurt both the company’s as well as your own personal brand.

So if you are one of these people, that has had some distraction and is willing to make wrongs right again, then it is not hard. Why don’t you try by copy-pasting something like I have below. It’s a start. You’re welcome!

Dear [Person-Looking-for-an-Opportunity-in-Your-Company]

Thank you for your interest in [COMPANY/ORGANISATION], and for sending us your application.

It has not been easy to select from the many excellent applications we received. Despite your interesting biography and work experience, we have decided to proceed with the applications of other candidates who match the requirements of this position even more closely. We will therefore not be inviting you for an interview for this position.

We feel confident that given your personal and professional qualifications you will find a stimulating and rewarding job, and we wish you every success in the future.

Please note that we will delete all electronic copies of your CV. [DATA PROTECTION PEOPLE!!!]

Kind regards
[HR-Person, People Person]

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